Forest tracing, bing, JOSM and fuzzer

As part of my plan to enhance maps of areas attractive for MTB in Israel, I’ve been tracing forests.
Doing it manually in Potlatch is laborious.
I read that you can use bing imagery in JOSM and trace forests using a plug-in called Fuzzer.
Anybody got experience in that, is it worth pursuing?


It seems like fuzzer was replaced by a plugin called scanaerial.
This requires a JOSM plugin called ext-tools, and running some python code, whatever that is.
I’m relatively computer literate, but I’m not a certified java geek.
Could anyone guide me through installing this onto the latest version of JOSM on a windows machine?

Mr. Israel.

The beautiful rendering of forested areas around Beeri, did you trace them manually, or automatically?
I still can’t install scanaerial onto my JOSM.
BTW, some of these areas might be considered scrub rather than forest. The problem with this tag is that it doesn’t appear in low mag in mapnik’ nor in any mag in OSMcycle.

I expect you are talking about the following area:

Everything was done manually with potlatch2.

It took a while but I think it was worth the job.
As you can imagine I can not see the difference scubs and a forest from this lowres Bing images.
For me personally it doesn’t make a big difference. Its a mostly green area :slight_smile:
If you want to change it - you are welcome to.