Forbidden turns for cyclists

It seems as if forbidden turns do not apply for cyclists. Is that correct? And if so, can we not add this possibility?

I don’t know what the default is, but you can specify the restriction by transportation type: (e.g. restriction:bicycle=no_right_turn)

That is probably a country by country rule. In my country there is no such general exception.

PHerison pointed you to the right page. If it is a general restriction with exception for cyclists I would tag it like this for example:


The restriction that I am considering, applies to all - including cyclists. I thougt that this was the default, but maybe it isn’t?

If there is no implicit or explict exception then you just tag:


That covers all technically. In practice a turn restriction probably only applies to vehicles and possibly equestrians. I expect routers to only apply it to non-pedestrians. Of course you might encounter routers that have not implemented turn restrictions or that deliberately ignore them for bicycles (you can always dismount and become a pedestrian). But then there is nothing you can or should do about it in the OSM data.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile: