forbidden direction


in Roeselare, Belgium there is a weird crossing. It’s about the crossing at lat: 50.9487 long: 3.1311 near the railway station. It’s a strange situation, I hope I’m able to explain it with my poor English. The situation is as follows:
When you come from the “Gaststraat” (south-west) you’re forbidden to turn left into the J. Lagaelaan. So in the Gasstraat, there is a sign that forbids you to go to the left.
But when you come from the “Ardooisesteenweg” (north-east), you may turn right into the J. Lagaelaan.
The same if you come from the J. Lagaelaan in the south, you may go straight on into the J.Lagaelaan in the north.
How should I make this clear on the map?

Never used this by myself.

There is a new plug-in in JOSM for easy making turn restrictions:

Try it and give feedback here!

OK, I always worked via the online editor. So it’ll take some time to figure out how this works, how I should install plugins etc. I’ll give a reply if it works.

when you are aimimg to work with an offline editor from only using potlatch before, you can firstly have a look at the merkaartor editor … it is a bit more simple to try the editing.

Josm is like Merkaartor, but more powerful :wink:

I’ve tried merkaartor once before but it seemed te be more work editing maps via merkaartor than editing maps via the online editor. With JOSM I now can do anything I could with the online editor and some extra things like aligning dots on a cirkle and so.
I tried to install the plugin you mentionned but I don’t get the “forbidden” button to start the plugin dialog. I’ve restarted JOSM and the plugin seems installed. Any idea what I did wrong?

It’s not hard to do in Potlatch; just split both ways and make the relation with from/to/via roles.

(Unrelated question: is it possible in JOSM to align on a circle with the correct projection? When I try to align a circle it’s in Mercator so the circle is distorted.)

Ok, I can’t get the plugin working and in potlach I don’t know how I can refer to objects. On the wiki they say “from A” and “to B” but I don’t know how you should say “this road is road A”. Which key can I use?