Footway lane on residential highway

As the topic implies:

Now, setting aside the fact that such a thing is potentially quite dangerous, it is a real thing I’ve seen on a couple of quieter residential roads around Longueuil, Quebec. Usually, this is a short distance and connects to a proper sidewalk or shared foot/bike path on each side.

For instance, the one in this photo covers the short section of road I’ve ‘represented’ via a router: OpenStreetMap

Around here we usually tag separate ways such as sidewalks separately, but elements painted onto the road (such as bike paths with no separation) are tagged as part of the road. In either case, a quick trip to the wiki didn’t turn up anything…any ideas?

The question came up last year - lots of different opinions in this thread: Pedestrian lane on the road

After reading through that thread and doing a couple of checks of my region in overpass turbo, I’ve decided to use sidewalk:<side>=lane.

Colloquially, I don’t think anyone I know would call this a ‘sidewalk’ (else I likely would’ve found the tag on my own :sweat_smile:) and that’s probably where the confusion stems from, but the arguments in favor seem convincing enough to tag it as such.

The picture shows a true sidewalk. Search the forum for pedestrian_lane to find a bit of past talk on this.