Foot Routing on Primary Road without Sidewalks


when I route between two German cities via foot, most routing services choose to route via a primary road (B83) that has no sidewalks, just car lanes and a speed limit of 100 kph. Legally this is OK, as far as I understood from doing a quick online research, but I would say it is a very bad idea, particularly because there are other paths / minor roads nearby.

OsmAnd and Organic Maps behave the same way.

I don’t know what to do with this information. Should I tag this with foot=no? Although I don’t think this is the correct way, since it is not prohibited or impossible here, just - again - a bad idea.

Suggestions are appreciated.


From your example OSRM uses parallel tracks to avoid routing on primary road. Only a shot segment is on B 83 because the parallel track is a dead-end.

Tagging foot=no is incorrect, because in general foot is allowed (unless signage is different).

The road on the west to the B83 is a dead end, yes. But not the one on the east. This is the routing I’d expect.