"floating islands" in Estonia???

Some time ago I discovered that KeepRight! shows nearly all roads in Estonia as “floating islands”. I’ve checked road connections to Latvia and Russia, also we have ferry routes connected to Finland and Sweden. What is causing this error?


KeepRight is currently calculating every European country separately. This leads to loads of errors right at the border, but these should mosly be ignored for the moment.

The floating island test takes a well known road in an area and tests if it can get to there from every other road. If it can’t, the other road is declared a floating island. These well known roads are preset in the KR source, and it seems one for Estonia must be missing.

You should mail the KR author (address hint at the bottom of the website) so he can add a starting point for Estonia for the floating-island test.


Is there a way to know when keepright updates and calculations take place ?
Currently it is showing “Site updated at 2009-11-14” but displays errors that I have fixed before that day.

There are many errors in my area, and I fixed many of them, so this makes it difficult to find the unfixed ones.
Is there another solution than being patient ?


If you click on the error, the last line on the popup will tell you when the node/way was last edited, according to KR. If you fixed it after that time, you’re okay.

The thing is, I’d prefer being able to directly spot the unfixed errors, than having to click through 20 error before finding one.

I guess it’s my fault for not fixing all the errors on a zone basis, but now I have no other solution than waiting an undetermined time before going on.

Huh, you cannot spot unfixed errors? I would say once you set an error to fixed status in KR, and it gets the smiley symbol, the other unfixed ones remain easy to spot?

KR error detection is done on a per-country basis, so once you find a few new errors or see that something you fixed is now gone as an error in KR, you can be reasonably sure your whole country was processed by KR recently. This per-country thing is also the exact reason why the site can’t show a global ‘updated’ date anymore. As it makes its way through the countries, uploading each of them in turn when they’re done, there are more updates than the old once-a-week (or sometimes once-in-a-blue-moon) site update.

Once KR recalculates my country, will all the not-error-anymore disappear ? or is it only the ones I mark as fixed (smiley) ?

Lacking a real visibility on the progress, is there some place where we can see the order in which countries are processed ? and an estimates of how long they usually take ?

Thanks for your attention !

If the error is really gone from the data, the marker should disappear as well.

The actual KR system is still being worked on, and internally some major changes will be made in the way the world is cut up into smaller parts, which will speed up error detection. Let’s see if the process can be made verbose after those changes have been done.

Okay I’ll be patient then, but with hope !
Thanks for the answers.