Fixing west bank A/B/C borders

I have a KML file including the west bank A/B/C areas borders, but much accurate than those found in OSM right now. Can someone help me import the KML file to the map, and replace the existing borders?

The file found Here.

The source of this file is Geomolg (Geo data team of Palestine ministry of local goverment) with permission to use it in OSM.

I’ll be happy to help with this. Creating the multi-polygons is tricky because of the many nodes were 4 areas meet, usually that’s 2 areas of each kind in an X-like geometry.

Can you elaborate on the source of the data? We need to make sure it if free from licensing and copyright restrictions.

The source is team of geomolg (portal for spatial information in Palestine), operated by Palestinian ministry of local goverment (MoLG). The portal site is The ministry of local goverment site is

I working with them sometimes (I coordinating between the Israeli authorities and them) so I asked for permission to use it. They digitized the A/B/C borders from the Oslo agreement original maps.

P.S. You will probably see inside the file a link to is it because we got the original hard-copy map of Oslo agreement (you can see it here) from Israel Mapping Center. But no worry about it beacuse they only used the map grid for digization of the A/B/C borders (that are not copyrighted) and didnt use the copyrighted map at all.

Mr Massri,
What should be the “source” tag for this import? MoLG,, something else?

As far as I understand, Area H1 is part of Area A, Area H2 is part of Area C, and the Nature Reserves are part of Area B.

Corrected: according to the current definition, the nature reserves are part of Area B


I think it will be better to write in the source tag “”, so people can refer to the site. Notice it geomo"l"g, with L, not geom"i"og.

Interestingly, there is a 150 meter shift between the existing boundaries and the new boundaries.

Please try preserving the A,B,C relation memberships, SwiftFast_bot uses them.

You probably want me to keep the relations, not their members.


I mean the updated/added areas should become members of those relations if they’re not.

The update was completed.

Well done, Zeev. Thank you very much.

Mr Massri,

The admin_level=8 boundary for the city of Hebron was heavily based on the previous definitions of the Oslo Agreements Areas. I had a hard time figuring out what should be done with it, so I defined it as the union of the H1 and H2 areas.

Since you are the original creator of this relation, I’d appreciate of you could review its new definition and fix it, if needed.

I have noticed that. I’ll fix it soon.

Zeev - I think it was me who did the previous import of area A/B/C. I think I had to adjust the offset manually and needless to say it wasn’t perfect.