Fixing Note in OSM


I tried to resolve a note near me. The note is “Map is showing wrong data here. WRONG CITY – PROPERTY IS IN FLINT” by anonymous. I put in a note " This is Swartz Creek not Flint map is correct" and clicked “Comment & Resolve”. Is this the correct way to fix the note? Also my note is not showing up I think it’s been an hour or more is there a problem or dose it take more time to show up?

Thanks! This is my first attempt at resolving a note.


IMHO it’s a good way to resolve such a note. But something went wrong I think.
Just try again, as far as I know the result (green marker) should be shown immediately


Something is funny. I tried again per your comment and it went green immediately, however the time stamp is from my first try. Oh well whatever works.

Thanks again.

you’re welcome