Fixing loopings / repeated nodes in way

There’s a way for a roundabout near me, which has several nodes in it more than once. ie it loops around more than a full circle.
So the JOSM validator warns about it as overlapping highways etc, and Keep Right gives an error for looping.

But how do I fix this (using JOSM)? Is there any way to remove the repeated nodes from the way without deleting them?
I know I could just delete the nodes (or the whole way), and redraw it in about the same place, but it seems there should be a ‘proper’ way to do this. Is there any way in JOSM to get a list of nodes in a way, and just remove the repeated ones?

You can split the roundabout using ‘p’ in JOSM. Then use the middle mouse button to open a list of ways under the cursor. Hold shift and select the way that you want to delete. Then delete.