Fixing boundaries with admin_level=8

I started to fix these boundaries, I would appreciate share your opinions about the edits with me. For now I started with the Gilan province.

just to let other people know about this, i already fixed admin levels 11 , 8 , 7 , 6 and 4 problem for Karaj and Shahriar County.
and some other small fixes around Rey County for level 6, there are some problem with level 7 and need to get fixed

thank you. wambacher has posted an image of current state of the admin level 8 on this post.

fixing the boundaries is Done!
please check and reply if there is any problem.
During editing, I saw *Tehran *and *Isfahan *had no boundary with admin_level=7. should I be concerned about that?

That is not true:

still about a dozend gaps (excluding the see in the far west)

No idea if that is ok but there a still some other gaps:


data timestamp: 2018-10-01 21:57:02+02 UTC (Midnight german time)

For reference here’s wambacher’s regularly updated of missing, broken or suspiciously changed global boundary relations:
Iran’s country code there is IRN.