Fix admin region in Portugal

I started making an “Natural Earth alternative” based on OSM, called “country-levels”. It uses ISO country codes and Wambacher’s land polygons + Wikidata for population, data fixes, etc… It’s an open source project under MIT license.

My problem is that Portugal has a region missing from Wambacher. I believe it is happening because this region is tagged as admin_level 6, whereas all regions on the same level are tagged admin_level 5.

But I didn’t want to fix it myself, as I am not familiar with the Portugal admin levels. Can someone have a look what is happening? Is it as simple as changing to admin_level 5 and waiting for the next regen? BTW, Wambacher’s website says timestamp is from January, did the project not update since that time?

These regions are tagged admin_level 6, as the portuguese community says it should be. See

Walter announced he is not able to maintain their tool. See

Thanks so everything is correct here, just that the tool needs to be updated or re-run manualy.