Fishing charter / fishing & other guides

Trying to map the office of a fishing charter business, but can’t really find a good option?

We have to say whether fishing is allowed in an area, Tag:leisure=fishing - OpenStreetMap Wiki to show fishing spots, & Tag:shop=fishing - OpenStreetMap Wiki for shops where you buy fishing gear, but nothing for people who will take you fishing?

TI has 13 x guide:fishing | Keys | OpenStreetMap Taginfo, 11 x fishing:operator | Keys | OpenStreetMap Taginfo & 3 x sport:fishing | Keys | OpenStreetMap Taginfo

guide:fishing would probably work, but as what? leisure= or sport=guide? office=?

Same thing would also apply to other guides e.g hunting, canoeing, 4wd etc, so what’s the best option?


I had a look at fishing in keys, and there’s nothing obvious. There’s club=fishing and vending=fishing_bait, board_type=fishing as well, but they’re not right.

Focusing on the charter/guide part of it, there’s leisure=guide_service with 22 uses, mainly in Alaska. office=guide has 1460 uses, and looking at some of the ones on the coast, they’re being used to tag companies that have boats where you pay to go out and do stuff on the water. That’s probably the best.

Thanks, Paul! :+1:

I tried searching for “guide” but all it would show me was How to Map instructions! :roll_eyes: