First town mapped

As I am mapping my first small town I encountered an problem with the existing highways. One major highway pass right in the middle of the town. Also the part of the highway that cross the town represents 2 different streets - one continuing the other. How I suppose to solve this problem ? I create an alternate road parallel with the highway ?

Is there anywhere an begginer guide for JOSM or Potlatch on editing maps ?

Thank you.

If I understand correct you have 1 street which begins as A-Street and ends as B-Street. Correct? If this is the case split the way where A-St becomes B-St (you might have to add a node if not already exisiting). Set the name-tag for each segment and you’re done.

If I misunderstood could you please post a permalink (lower right corner in OSM map view)?

Perhaps you might want also visit:

it’s a little bit more complicated …

before editing my first town … it was just an primary highway that was the town. Now I created the town borders and some streets and I dont want that primary highway to cross the town anymore …

I want somehow the highway to end at the town begining and start again at the town ends. I really dont know how to split an existing sets of nodes , to make an “hole” in that highway.

I am using JOSM by the way …

There is no need to make a “hole”. Just connect your (residential) streets to the primary highway and you’re done. If the prim. road needs additional tags (like name, maxspeed) inside the town split the way at the beginning and end (mark the way and the 2 nodes and hit “P” for sPlit) and add the missing tags to the segment you just cut out.
Perhaps you might get some inspiration if you take a look how other citys in your area have been mapped. It would also help us, if you post a permalink here, that we might get a better understanding what you referring to.

Fălticeni is my first town i try to map and it can be found here …

To talk on example … one can see on the map the DN2 European highway that cross the town. At the begining DN2 was the town … I created the rest of the streets around DN2.

Now … the portion of DN2 that is in the town are in fact 2 streets … Sucevii and 2 Graniceri … I read your post above but i havent understand a thing. I will read it again and again maybe I get a hint.

Looking good.

So far so good.

OK, have a look at . There is the DN29 which is “Gheorghe Doja” (coming from the west) and “Burdujeni” (going to southeast). Does this answer your question?

First of all thank you for your patiente with me …

Regarding … " OK, have a look at Â… rs=0B00FTT . There is the DN29 which is “Gheorghe Doja” (coming from the west) and “Burdujeni” (going to southeast). " i understand how to do it … but as you see on the map DN2 highway is made from alot of nodes … I dont know how to break the nodes of DN2 inside Falticeni and insert new nodes representing the 2 roads i said.

Is it possible that the actual portion of DN2 inside Falticeni to be transformed into another road ? because if I try to select DN2 it shows me all nodes … I cant select only the nodes inside Falticeni

Just use the existing way (DN2). I’m assuming that you use Potlatch, the editor on
Click on a node on the way and hit “x”. Now you have splited the way in 2 parts. Both parts will have the same tags (eg ref=DN2) as the original one. If ther isn’t a node where DN2 switches from “Sucevii” to “Graniceri” simply add one by holding the shift-key and left-click on the way. Now you can add the name-tags to both parts of the DN2.
Exercise: You have now given a name to both parts of the street. The section ends in the south at the first roundabout. Does the part after the roundabout has also a name?
To the north the new section of the DN2 reaches until “Bunesti” (and further on). Is the new name still correct here? I bet no. Split the way again where the named part of the DN2 ends and remove the name-tag from here.

PS: You first might want to do this in Potlatch-Play-Mode. This will prevent you from messing up anything in the database. If you’re sure what to do, click on “edit” again and use “start”

WOW … it’s so easy with Potlatch … i did it in 10 seconds … Unfortunately I was using JOSM and that’s why I didnt solve the problem in the first place.

Now I can add more exact information on the map and thank you again for your patience with me.

Not bad, but…

1.a : ref should remain “DN2”, use the name-tag (ref=DN2,name=2 Graniceri). By the way, what does “2” mean in the name of the street?
1.b : same as with way 34310211

  1. : Is highway=tertiary realy appropriate? I guess this should be highway=residential.

  2. : You have fuel-stations right in the middle of a street? :wink: The node for this should be beside the street.

  3. Way 25894371 is not connected to way 34310116 anymore!

In JOSM it is just as easy and probably a whole lot quicker. Select the node where you want to split the way and press P, repeat as many times as needed. If the node is shared by two ways (eg at an intersection) select the way that you want to split and while holding the shift key select the node where you want to split it then press P. Finish by adjusting the tags on the segments of interest.

Also, do not be afraid to draw a few more nodes into curves in the road.


Thanks MatthewC and PHerison for your help. I managed to get an exact map of Falticeni and I created myself a copy on OSM.
This is the new Falticeni :

Please take a look at it and give me an opinion. I also I would like to know what I can do to improve my mapping experience.



Wow, nice work. Looks impressiv!

JOSM validator reports a lot of intersecting (37) and overlapping (52) ways. Also a bunch of dubble nodes (6). There are some ways ending close to another way, so this might be correct but also could be a mistake.

There seems to be a acciden with the roundabout: (you need to zoom in very close)

If you want to create a roundabout the tag junction=roundabout applys to the way forming the roundabout and shouldn’t be a node (

These are my first findings. Maybe later more if you’re done with the current errors. :wink: