First Time Addition to OSM


I used my GPS track to move a bike path yesterday and delete the existing path (been demolished). I can see my changes in edit mode which were made 12 hours ago. But they are still not visible on OSM map?

Is this delay normal or more likely what have i done wrong?

Thanks in advance.

It would help that you post the location here as well., You can copy the URL from your browser.

In general, the update takes a few minutes, but the higher zoom levels (seeing less detail) take longer. This is for the standard map rendering, the humanitarian, cycle and public transport maps may take a few days. Other providers may take a month or more to update.

o yes, and your browser might have cached the old situation, cleaning your cache or a force reload might help as well.

The location is

The path I added is across what was forested area, it’s now a construction site.

there seems to be some delay in rendering. switching to humanitarian layer could help.

I assuming he’s referring to these edits:

The data looks correct, but the map hasn’t been updated for me either. All we can do is to sit and wait.

The Humanitarian-Layer already has been updated:

Same here, local areas that have been edited are not re-rendering on standard layer but Humanitarian layer is fine.
…sitting and waiting here too.

Thanks for letting me know the edit data is ok. Happy to wait for update to occur.

If the update for some reason does not occur, what would be the next step to reporting the issue officially?

You don’t have to report it I think. The problem is been mentioned in several local mailings, and in other posts here in on the forum. The site administrators are monitoring the rendering via and will notice a problem faster than most users.

Thanks escada :slight_smile:

The Standard layer has updated. Hopefully Cycling layer is next.

I don’t think the cycling layer is maintained by the same people as the standard lawyer, so problems with the standard layer rendering servers won’t affect it. On the other hand, even when things are working, the cycling layer takes about a week to update fully.

A week? Wow. Good to know. Thanks.