First test OSM server

I installed an OSM server following the guide for Ubuntu 20, I only loaded Europe maps. Everything ok, without problems.

I do the test http: //yourserveripaddress/hot/0/0/0.png and see the map.


1.- What parameters can I use in the URL to see some more detailed maps?
2.- Now I am also adding the African maps, much smaller than the European ones, but I see that it goes extremely slower than when I loaded the European ones.

It’s been 30 minutes and it’s at:

Using PBF parser.
Processing: Node (100k 0.0k / s) Way (0k 0.00k / s) Relation (0 0.00 / s)

I used the same command to create the database for Europe, but replacing --create with --append:

osm2pgsql -d gis --append --slim -G --hstore --tag-transform-script ~ / src / openstreetmap-carto / openstreetmap-carto.lua -C 25000 --number-processes 4 -S ~ / src / openstreetmap-carto / /maps/africa-latest.osm.pbf

Is the command right?

Thanks for support.


  1. You need a HTML page to use slippy map with your tiles:

If you’re testing it by browsing to http://yourserveripaddress/hot/0/0/0.png then I suspect you’re following . If so, if you keep reading down you’ll see:

"In order to see tiles, we’ll cheat and use an html file “sample_leaflet.html” in mod_tile’s “extras” folder. Just open that file in a web browser on the machine where you installed the tile server. "

Once you’ve done that you’ll probably want to set up a “proper” web site, possibly using “Leaflet”, and therefore you can follow Kocio’s suggestion.

If you want to combine multiple areas together then it’ll be much quicker to combine them into one file with “osmium” (or “osmosis”) and then load (with “create”) that one file. The documentation for osmium is at .

Perfect, I’ll try, thanks

Thanks so much for your help! I combined the files as you suggested and relaunched the upload on the DB, working in progress…
I’m curious: Even if I don’t combine the files with “osmium” and I do first one .pbf and then the other .pbf, it seems that what I did works the same but very very slooooooooooooooow, what is the reason for the slowness?