First Israeli GIS convention - Looking for OSM representetive Lecturer

Hello all,
In the 10th of February, 15:30-19:00, there’ll be the first Israeli GIS convention.
(I’m overlooking systematics converntions, because they are commercialy biased)

The convention will take place in the Hebrew university in Givat ram campus in Jerusalem, and its crowd is made of GIS proffessionals and specialists. No CEO’s on the one hand, and no students on the other. Pure proffessionals.

There are 8 lectures of 15-20 minutes. The other lectures are: Systematics, Intergraph, UN, code R, ImageSat, QGIS, GOGIS.
We, me and Adi ben Nun, the other coordinator of the convention,
would really like a lecture about OSM.

The subjects of such a quick lecture can be:
OSM status in Israel,
Why to map voluntarily,
World examples,
Crisis handling (Red team)

Would anyone like to give a lecture? we really want to close the invitation till this weekend, so feel free to call if you have questions.
Noam 0528-923105

Of course, i’ll update here about any progress and to post the invitation.