First cannabis dispensary on OSM in Thailand


Thought you guys might be interested in the first cannabis dispensary to go on OSM in TH :slight_smile:

There’s a list here that needs to be ground truthed:

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Thanks, Mishari

I’m hoping we can start adding the “real deal” someday soon, that is, shop=cannabis where they sell marijuana for recreational use. Can it be that far away for Thailand? Medical marijuana is a good first step.

Alaska Dave

Hello Mishari,

thanks for sharing the list. Just to point it out for clarity, even you mentioned it slightly: This list is not meant to be imported into OSM for various reasons, including copyright.
So check the situation on the ground and add your own observations.

Regarding your sample node: Are you certain it is such a big medical center that it qualifies as clinic?
Refer to:
“Typical clinic is a medical centres with 10 or more of doctors”

My guess would be that is is a simple doctor’s office, which is in Thailand often called “clinic”, to add confusion.

So probably “amenity=doctors”. And maybe combined with modern healthcare tagging “healthcare=doctor”
and the specialist tagging, as it probably correlates to specific medical conditions:

Thanks @stephankn, I suppose I should update WikiProject:Thailand with that information!