First Amsterdam 'MappersBabbel'

Hi all,

This is an announcement for an informal meeting of mappers active in and around Amsterdam. Germans call this a ‘Stammtisch’ and I would like to suggest ‘MappersBabbel’ in Dutch. Amsterdam has lots of mapping activity but few local community events. I would like to meet other mappers and discuss local mapping challenges and issues over a drink. Topics could include:

  • Who’s who, and who’s mapping where?
  • What is your opinion of the current state of the Amsterdam map?
  • Could we identify specific mapping targets for Amsterdam (geographical or otherwise)?
  • Brain storming session about plans and ideas for the map and beyond
  • A local mailing list or forum, yes or no?
    If this sort of local meetup proves to be useful and fun, we could do this periodically and bring some more focus into the discussions.

My suggestion for the ‘Eerste Amsterdamse MappersBabbel’ is

   Eerste Amsterdamse MappersBabbel
   Woensdag 24 juni, 20:00
   de Ponteneur, Dapperbuurt, Amsterdam-Oost

If you would like to join, please RSVP on the wiki
Take care,