Finding the user that uploaded a track

I am downloading the GPS traces from an area using JOSM and I wanted to contact the author of those traces. Is there any possibility to do that? (it does not matter the tool, could be JOSM, Potlatch, web or anything else).


No, afaik there is no such option but to search the traces on specific tags in the webinterface and hopefully you are able to find them.

There is no such option, and there need to be chanes made on the openstreetmap site to allow it. Not all tracks are public, so atm it might not be possible to see them all.

I would assume that if you can see the GPS trace in JOSM then either you uploaded it or it is public. I don’t know whether there is a particular search form for what Lambertus suggests, but if I’m searching for tags I use a URL like:
and then replace Paris with whatever tag I’m after.

JOSM does show all the uploaded GPS points, also those from private trace files. The difference is that other users can not see nor download the private files as files. Private traces cannot be searched in any way. Searching public traces can be difficult as well because they can be without any tags and description can be whatever.