Finding out, who uploaded a track (Sibirien/Tuva)


is there any way to find out who uploaded a track ?

For example… I would like to know who did upload
the tracs/roads near “Toora Khem” in the sovjet
republic of “Tuva” to get in touch.


Yes there is! Are you editing in:
Potlatch: Select the way; press ‘h’ key on keyboard. Pressing button: [more], gives you the whole history.
JOSM: Select the way; press h key’s on keyboard gives you the whole history.

Potlatch: Read also the wiki for more keyboard shortcuts and options
JOSM: Menu: Edit>Preferences>7th tab on left>second tab on top fot more keyboard shortcuts and options.

I think Raeven means GPX track. If that’s the case then, no, you cannot see who uploaded the track that (partially) shows up in your editor. You can search for tracks using keywords on the main website but that’s it.

Oops! I should read a little better, before answering :slight_smile: The word ‘upload’ points to GPX-tracks most likely, so I think you’re right.