Finding neighborhood, city, state etc. for a given point on earth


I am a developer and new to OSM. I have a specific problem and I have the hunch that OSM can help me there. Even if not, some folks here might know about other tools that could be helpful for my problem.

In our use case, we have users using a smart phone app, from which we get the coordinates telling us where they are. (Most users are in Europe, some might be in the US in the future.) We’d like to get as much meaningful information about these coordinates, like:

  • Which city is the user in?
  • Which neighborhood in that city?
  • Which state, which country etc.?
  • Postcode might also potentially be useful for us.

We want to know this because we have content that is tagged with the locations it is about, e.g. some content might contain tags like “London”, “Camden”, “Camden Canal Market” etc. Our content however is not tagged with coordinates or polygons. So somehow we need the make the bridge between coordinates and the tags that are location names.

So does OSM contains such info that we could extract? If so, are there any tools that are particular useful? Is not, are there other places I could have a look?

Many thanks!

As a starting point have a look at Nominatim.