Find out why a way was deleted

Hi all

I noticed right now that a section of road is missing here.

It’s strange, because I mapped these roads into a bus route only a few days ago. Which was complete according to the inspector. But is not now… And the bus route relation doesn’t list any changes to it since I made the updates.

FYI, I have now fixed the mistake. Hence taking the screenshot.

Any ideas as to why this way went missing? How can I find the ‘deleted’ way?

I suspect that I must have deleted it by accident, but I looked through my last changes and couldn’t see anything.

It looks like changeset 141712825 deleted a traffic sign node and broke connectivity in the process.

The relations history wouldn’t show a change as it just lists the ways involved and isn’t aware of geometry changes to the members.


I’m guessing that perhaps you deleted a node that had the effect of trimming all the ways that joined there? Whatever it was, you’ve fixed it again :slight_smile:


Use the history function in the OSM web site and check through the changes.

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Probably the best tool to look up history by tile (up to last 14 days) is

It also uses its own visual changeset viewer rather than the one embedded in OSM website.

This is the change set through the overpass view before the repair.

The white dot where the missing way is for maxspeed 40 shows here as version 1 and a blue node version 2 both by same edit set. It’s as if the way got converted to a node.