Find non-numeric values mit Overpass ermitteln


I found some maxheight-Tags with values 4.0 m (instead of 4.0) or similar and wanted to do an overpass-query to find more of these values, but I’m not very familiar with it. Can anybody support me?

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#.# m are valid values!

So, no need to fix that.

But just for answering the question: the query can include ['maxheight'~'[^0-9\.]']

That’s what I’ve come up with: Overpass-Turbo Query

Yellow, orange and red objects have none, default or below_default as value for maxheight.
Other objects are green with the value of maxheight displayed on the map.

However, as @milet already said:

Good point, thanks for hinting me!

That’s a awesome query! Thanks a lot!

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