Filter Ways by Specific Highway name via Overpass

Hello, I was wondering how we can filter a highway by a specific highway name such as I-10 or I-20 through an overpass query? I know there are different highway types such as primary, secondary, motor-way and they can be filtered that way. However, I’m not sure how we can filter by name. Also, is there a way to only get the highway part that connects two cities?

  1. Usually these are only ref=* . A possible name=* is “Katy Freeway”. Often there are concurrent routes meaning semi-colon delimited multi-value, so you have to take that into account. There are toll and HOV roadways as well, for the whole cross-section making up the road. Easiest method may then be to directly retrieve its route=road relation if present.

  2. Depending on your definition and requirement of “highway part that connects two cities”, this may not be straightforward. As a more elaborate example, you need to pray that there is a defined city center district boundary, then query for the road section up to the closest exit inside, and somehow get the whole interchange with the opposite direction roadway.