Filter out ways according to rules?


first of all i am new here, and i am not quite sure wether i am asking at the correct forum. But i will try it ;):

I am trying to find a way to filter mapdata in an osm file. The final plan is to make a garmin map for gps, where certain ways or paths are not existent, to make it not navigate there. to be more specific, i want to my GPS device not to navigate through nature reserves, when riding my enduro motorcycle.

so back to topic, i am able to download, update and generate garmin maps, so that part is done. now i need some functionality wich can do something like:

delete all roads/paths wich are within certain boundaries (in my case delete everything inside “boundary=protected_area” with protection_class=4-5).

Since i a do not really know the whole osm toolchain, maybe someone can point me at the right direction where i would go to get this done?

Thank you so much!!!


PS.: i already tried to use brouter with nogo areas on an android device, but there are simply to many areas to be blocked, so it takes ages to route around them. and: its not possible to run brouter on an old trusty Garmin Gpsmap 60csx :wink:

Do you create your Garmin map with mkgmap? Try the rather new is_in() style function.