Filled areas

I uploaded a riverbank walk logged with a GPS. I checked it with British maps and Google Earth. Entering the way in Potlach, it was clear that the river had been previously entered incorrectly - the path appeared to cross the river but my feet had stayed dry! I have used Potlach to move the river and the river banks but the pale blue fill between the banks has not moved. What do I need to do to move it? Way 35039285 refers.

It certainly looks a bit odd in mapnik (looks like two rivers) but in osmarender it looks much better. Click on the plus sign on the right of the map and select which base map you want to see to switch between the two versions.

I generally find osmarender is quite quick to update whereas mapnik can take a while (mapnik once took almost a week to pick up one edit I did). If osmarender is showing the correct version then I’d just wait for mapnik to catch up.

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