Field boundaries without hedge or fence

Is there any way of tagging these? The aerial view clearly shows a boundary ‘on the ground’, but a patchy hedge peters out into nothing.

Eg, here:

screenshot of aerial images

Hi efeb3,
Just draw both land uses independently, it looks like they are even used on different ways.Despite that they even could be form the same farmer.
And above all map the hedge as good as it gets.
Ps theres is a lot to do, tagging landuse in the area!

Thanks Hendrik. Yup, definitely a lot to do!

So if I’ve understood correctly - I map a hedge, even if it’s thin and almost not a hedge, but only where it exists - not where it used to be?

I map each area independently, even if all the areas have the same tags landuse=farmland. (I wondered if the whole area should be one large area landuse=farmland, in the same way as we have =retail or =residential for large areas.)

Have I understood? Thanks, eteb3