Features available in Map features but not rendered in Openstreetmap

We represent the OSM community in Nepal and we are working on a project which include mapping kiln that produce bricks in our capital city. Pollution especially air pollution has been a main issue for quite some time in Kathmandu, capital in Nepal. According to Environmental Pollution Index 2014 published by Yale University,
Nepal ranked second last after Bangladesh in terms of air quality and its effect to human health http://www.cen.org.np/uploaded/AQ%20Status%20and%20Managment%20in%20KV_Maya%20Factsheet%205.pdf
and toxic chemicals such as polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) from combustion in brick kilns and diesel vehicles (MOEST, 2005) adds to it.
We need to map the data related to brick kilns and keep it open (upload to osm) for analysis of the data for possible actions.
There is an existing tag man_made = kiln and product = bricks but it is not rendered in openstreetmap site. There are 98 users of the tag man_made = kiln according http://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/tags/man_made=kiln

We want these to be visible in the openstreetmap so how can this feature can be rendered in the map?

Some possibilities: (as also mentioned on your blogpost)

  • log issue on carto css to add an icon for this. Since the number of Kilns is so small, it will not be a priority
  • make your own map rendering
  • use umap or a similar service to overlay the kilns on a openstreetmap background
  • program something with leaflet or openlayers yourself