Feature Proposal - RFC - Street parking revision

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over the past few weeks, a group of mappers has been working on a proposal to improve the mapping of parking lanes and parking spaces along streets. Considerations and discussions about this have already arisen in the past among street parking mappers, and now a proposal has been prepared.

The goal of this proposal is to deprecate and replace the parking:lane=* and parking:condition=* schema for mapping street parking spaces. The existing schema has some weaknesses and is unnecessarily complicated and therefore unattractive for many mappers. Above all, in many ways it differs from today’s OSM conventions. The proposed new schema is intended to be easier and more logical to apply. The new schema follows established OSM conventions more closely. It harmonises tagging of parking spaces mapped on the centerline as an attribute of a street with parking spaces mapped as a separate feature. It also reflects aspects of a data migration process.

For details, see the proposal: Proposed features/street parking revision - OpenStreetMap Wiki
It is quite extensive, as it covers and reforms all aspects of the previous schema and closes some further gaps.

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Thanks to the proposal authors, that is some high quality documentation and standardization work that I would love to see more of!

Hello everybody,

I would like to remind you of the ongoing discussion process on the street parking revision proposal: Proposed features/street parking revision - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Since this proposal aims to deprecate an existing tagging schema and replace it with a new one, it would be good to get critical views from as many perspectives as possible. Thanks for that!

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