Feature Proposal - RFC - parking:position

Hey all,

I would like to take the opportunity of the new forum to mention a new proposal: Let’s simplify the tagging of parking lane positions (e.g. “on street” or “on kerb”). We have an established tagging for parking lanes (parking:lane=*), which allows to map the orientation and position of parked vehicles on the road. The proposal aims to change the position tagging by using the key parking:lane:<side>:position instead of the current unnecessarily complicated notation parking:lane:<side>:<type>. This could be a next step to further improve the existing parking:lane scheme and make it more applicable.

In addition, for separately mapped street parking areas (amenity=parking + parking=street_side/lane), an equivalent tagging for the position of the parking area is proposed (parking:position=*).

For details, see the proposal wiki page. Please discuss this proposal on its Wiki Talk page.

Best, Alex

I wonder if it might be better to have two separate proposals for this. People might vote no because they don’t like one of them.

Yes, that’s possible, but would hopefully become visible in the RFC. As this are very similar issues, I wanted to keep the discussions together and the effort more manageable. Let’s see.

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I’m not very familiar with this detailed parking tagging, especially because it is not that easy. As pointed out by other mappers on Wiki, I would encourage to move this proposal further to maybe a complete renewal of parking scheme. I understand this conservative approach but given that this will change a couple of things, better to do this once than twice. Anyway, I support this so far, congrats!