Feature Proposal - RFC - indoormark=beacon


My group is working on an indoor project and we have the necessity to place indoor beacons inside a building. As we are using OSM (we are following the Simple Indoor Tagging proposal), we need a way to store all the data for any beacon in order to position the user and provide navigation. These beacons (BLE/iBeacons, QRs and NFC) will be public when deployed and the data will be available for everybody as we understand the beacons will be part of the building.

Our proposal is based on what we have found for labeling beacons for sea and air transport.


The RFC is currently open in the tagging mailing list. We will appreciate any comment.

Thank you

I’m not an expert on the topic, but it looks fine to me.

As for the formalities, remember that you need to subscribe to the Tagging mailing list and send a mail there to officially start your proposal’s “RFC” phase, as described on the Proposal process wiki page. Of course, you are not required to follow the proposal process at all, but I’m getting the impression that you intend to do so.

Yes, maybe I didn’t explained it well. The mail to the tagging list was sent a week ago and the RFC phase is ongoing

Hello all

the voting process started some days ago and we will appreciate your votes.