Fail adding "right turn on red light" bike sign to traffic light


A few years ago, France introduced a couple of “right turn on red light” signs that, provided the coast is clear of pedestrians and cars, allow cyclists to either make a right turn on a red light, continue through at a T-shaped crossroad, or turn left (the latter having been introduced very recently):

I understand that adding those signs require the following steps:

  1. Make sure the traffic light sits between two independent ways; If need be, split them
  2. Select the light, and add a new relation with the following features:
  • type=Restriction
  • restriction:bicycle=give_way
  • role=“via”
  1. Select the way from which the cyclist arrives, select the Restriction relation that was just added previously, and set its role to “from”
  2. Select the way to which the cyclist will proceed, select the Restriction relation that was just added previously, and set its role to “to”
  3. Save changes.

But for some reason, I fail adding the sign to the following traffic light:

After adding the traffic light, which was missing, I split the way into two parts, and added a new Restriction relation + tags + “via” role to the light. But then, the relation doesn’t appear when selecting the first way which should have the “from” role.

Any idea what’s wrong with it?

Thank you.

I believe you are referring to not to the marked location.

You are missing the “to” role, not the “from” one.

Which editor are you using, as I think the database doesn’t check relations that strictly? (Looks like it is iD.)

I assume with this that you will need to repeat the relation for every combination of exit and entry where it is permissible to ignore the traffic lights.


No, I meant the traffic light a bit further up the road to which, for some reason, OSM won’t let me get a URL ( still refers to the one right by the crossroad).

Id seems incapable of referering to a Restriction relation that was previously added to a traffic light: When selecting the way leading to that traffic light, the relation is not listed so I can’t add a “from” role to it.

There is nothing to give way to at (not even a pedestrian crossing). However, that should not stop you from creating a relation there, and there is no relation there.

I’m able to create this in JOSM and it validates OK. I haven’t saved it. the - on the relation ID means it is a new relation.

This is just the relation for approaching from the South. I believe you need another one for an approach from the North.

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I’m talking about bike signs over here that let bike riders go ahead or turn right/left:

Me too, but the goal is to do this through Id, which doesn’t require installing any software. I tried it… and failed. I also failed with other red lights.

The issue is: After creating the Restriction relation… it’s not listed when clicking on the way that leads to the red light (role = from) or the way that goes from the red light (role = to).

It looks like Id doesn’t fully support relations.