Facebook group

… well, because why not. Please make some noise over there too.

… because there are some people without a facebook account?

Fair enough. But OpenStreetMap accepts login through a Facebook account, and in the MAPS.ME app too. I don’t have a clue if Facebook is still huge in Germany after so many controversies, but it is still on the rise over here.

Last Friday, there was an OpenStreetMap mapathon, and which the event was posted on that website. I only found out about it on Facebook, after seeing an uptick of new edits near the Klang Valley. Coincidentally just a few hours following the conclusion of the said event.

So, yeah, that’s behind the reason why the Facebook group was established.

Also, the iD editor is now pointing links to community sites after edits were uploaded. This forum and the Riot (modern IRC) channel has been set up already (with some help). The Facebook group is more like an afterthought. Hopefully with all these, quality of edits will be improved over the country.