Facebook group

Some of you may not yet be aware of the existence of a Facebook group for OSM contributors in Thailand. It is called Thai OpenStreetMap.

There’s also recently been discussion in the group about clarifying some highway classifications, especially those of local roads in cities. Please take a look at the WikiProject Thailand talk page on the Wiki.

please don’t spread discussion over too many places. The active community is quite small. Can we probably agree to stick to a limited number of places for discussion? Like talk page or forum?

If you haven’t, please join the Thai Openstreetmap Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thaiosm/

I will start using it to schedule informal meetups (Chiang Mai) and share general tips. It can be also a good place for basic Q&A.

I agree the forum should be kept for discussing (complex) issues, improvements that require a general written consensus.
However, it’s 2022, and you will not reach new or beginner mappers without social media.

I am personally not such a big fan of Facebook. They do not “own” the internet. But I acknowledge, that specifically Thailand is a very important market for them. Facebook is ranked #2 world-wide in post engagement rate, so certainly a good idea to present OSM on Facebook in Thailand.
Please do not make information exclusive to Facebook. If you did settle for a meeting place/time, also do a post on the Forum.