Facebook AI Assisted Mapping

Hello Malaysia OSM community,

My name is Jeff Underwood. I’m a GIS Analyst currently leading the mapping editing team at Facebook.

We’re planning to use our AI assisted roads for mapping in Malaysia in the near future. We have previously mapped out missing roads in Thailand and are currently wrapping up Indonesia using this process. You can read about how we created these roads in our OSM wiki linked below and I encourage you to check out my diary post below to get some insight into how our specific mapping process works.


Additionally, check out the diary post by Drishtie to see our new publicly available tool for using these AI assisted roads, called RapiD.


You can currently test it out on the Assisted Mapping for Good Tasking Manager and it will be fully available for mapping in several countries, including Malaysia in just a couple of weeks.


I’m happy to address any concerns or questions here or you can email us at osm@fb.com. We would love to get any advice on Malaysia specific tagging situations that may not be readily apparent from just the Malaysia road tagging wiki. https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Malaysian_Roads_Tagging

Thanks for you time!

Hi again,

Just to update the community, RapiD data is now available in Malaysia if you would like to try it yourself.

Check out https://mapwith.ai for our website or https://mapwith.ai/rapid to head straight to the editor.


Many thanks to Facebook for making it available in Malaysia. Currently due to some intense armchair mapping from GlobalLogic, hopefully related issues regarding to tagging can be sorted out and somewhat could be applied for RapiD.

I had seen your team did some edit around Johor and saw your replies. I hope that your team will focus on repairing/retrace/trace road network that I had tagged with NOTE especially around Kluang, which now has clear imagery but a lot of roads need to be traced. Those unmapped areas can be easily found through NOTES, thank you.

It looks like we will be covering Kluang itself in the next day or two and we will definitely be adding those areas pointed out in your notes :slight_smile:

Hey angys,

We’ve added most of those areas identified in your notes now.

Here is a screenshot of the area. New roads in pink :slight_smile:

Seems good, thank you for your AI team and good job. Johor’s imagery is better and can be traced easily (some area will have offset, remember to adjust before editing, old Esri Clarify imagery is almost accurate and the new Maxar Esri imagery will have some offset.) There is also may untrace/refine/retrace area in Seremban District (contain Nilai, Bandar Enstek, Seremban 2,Bandar Seri Sendayan,Senawang and so on), which had been a major disaster area in database as many of the area are not accurate at all (Globallogic team had done some raod trace around Negeri Sembilan, but seems they only want to finish their work quickly and ignore the quality of the map, even in Penang also got many area which need to be traced nicely

Another area should be paid attention is Ipoh, I had spend a couple of hour to adjust the raod but still have a large portion which is very untidy and fussy. Tanjung Malim, Slim River also need to trace alot. Do let me know if your company plan to update this.

Hello from 2020, I hope you can update those road in Seremban district especially near Bandar Seri Sendayan, Nilai, Bandar Enstek and so on. There are so many new development near there and need to update based on MAXAR standard imagery.