F1, Formula 1, Brazil, Openstreetmap.

Yesterday, was the Brazil race of the F1, a rainy race.
Map Circuit

A shot from the Williams box.

Noticed Openstreetmap.

The upper screen is the map weather screen, the lower video screen.
See this photo, camerashot and the lag on the videoscreen in the box.
The camera was zooming out.

Is there the attribution? In the black.

Searched for the OSM-carto tiles.

Old style? Missing data, old mapdata?

UBIMET formule 1
With a 2015 example

More older examples:
Openstreetmap Italia
Forum Germany
Talk openstreetmap


I think it was observed on the first F1 race this season the use of OSM in the boxes, there have been tweets about it all season. Glad for the additional exposure.