Extracting/downloading a single relation from OSM

Hi everyone,

is it possible to extract and download a single relation from OSM using the ArcGIS-OSM editor? All I need is a shapefile of one road, the Autostrada A3 Napoli-Reggio Calabria (Relation 226564). When I use the “Download, Extract and Symbolize OSM data” tool to download OSM data, I can’t get all of the line features of the relation I am interested in, and there’s a bunch of other features that I am not interested in. And the other available tool, “Download OSM Data (XAPI)” keeps failing :frowning:

Any advice/hints/tips or references to similar topics in this forum would be greatly appreciated.


You can use the offline editor JOSM to download a unique OSM element (node, way or relation by its ID number. See OSM wiki or JOSM wiki for details.

After you have loaded your element (and maybe missing child elements) you can save or convert that data in many ways.

Or try overpassAPI … you can also define to download certain map objects by name or ID (maybe an offset is needed if you just tell it to deal with an OSM relation ID.

Also see OSM wiki for details.