Extracting data with new 0.6 API

Does anyone know what the new url is for extracting large amout of data?
The 0.5 works still but data appears not to be updated from OSM:

I have looked thought the wiki but I cannot find what it would be.


Check the platform status, they might not have finnished that migration yet…


when I use the map command with 0.6, it will only work for areas about 1°x1°. Trying lager areas result in about 160 MB of nodes and no ways or relations.

Any ideas on workarounds?


Download a planet extract from Geofabrik or CloudMade. The main API has a size limit and XAPI is broken at the moment.

And don’t try lager, beer is better.

ok, XAPI is broken…

the geofabrik and cloudmade extracts are crappy, as they do not retrieve complete objects because the region cut is done on node level…:frowning:

I’ll need to extract from larger areas myself and get appropriate hardware… and btw, i prefer Pils :wink: