Extracting data by user?

Is it possible to use the OSM API and extract “my” data in a specific region? e.g. all ways, that I created or changed? Is is also possible to do this within a certain time period?

The only way that I know to come near your aim is the very good serch function of JOSM … there you can use the prefix “user:” … Success?

That would only find objects that you were the last user to modify. It wouldn’t find anything that you had created/modified in the past, but have later been modified by someone else.

I don’t know if there is any way to find everything to find everything you have ever created/modified. You would need to download the complete history data for an area, which isn’t included in a standard download from the API or a Planet extract.
Or maybe you could download all of your changesets, and do something with them?

Thanks for the idea. I didn’t knew that the search function within JOSM has this possibility. I will try that.

Thanks for the comments. Seams to be not an easy thing… The basic idea I had was in fact to get an graphical overview what I created/modified in a certain area within a time frame (e.g. within 2008). Just to have a possibility to compare what has been added or modified since that time by the community.