Extracting an area from Planet.gpx

Hi all,

For my work at an NGO in Nigeria I would like to have for our project area (northern Nigeria) the GPS traces that are publicly available. I now these are not much, but every bit can help us.

Since I am located in Nigeria it is impossible for me to download all the traces myself. So therefore I would like to ask if someone can assist me by cutting out the area of interest, convert it to a shapefile and sent it to me. For the extraction I guess the following tool can be used: https://github.com/Zverik/gpxplanet-tools

I know this is a small deal for you, and you would help a great cause (polio eradication), but if you want to get a small fee in return then we can talk about that too.

Would like to have this done as soon as possible. So please contact me if you think you can help.


I have responded to your request for assistance by email. Please check your email.