Extract from a certain coordinate all tags

Hell everybody,

I want to extract from a certain coordinate all tags as a csv. So far I am not able to do that.

My attend:

[out:csv( ::lat, ::lon,::public_transport_exist)];
// Find nodes up to 100m around center point (center is overpass turbo specific)

// recurse up to ways with highway

// determine nodes belonging to found ways

// determine intersection of all ways' nodes and nodes around center point  
// and return ways (intersection is just a workaround for a bug)  


I was trying to extract at least the information about public_transport_exist, but it didnt work.

Where is my mistake?

It is the first time I see someone mentioning the tag “public_transport_exist”. I cannot find any documentation on it. Are you sure this tag is used at all, otherwise that will be a reason (there might be other) that the answer remains empty.

Hey escada,

but I mean in general, how could you extract all tags from a given area?

Use the standard API, rather than the overpass API. That is what the editors do.

NO, the API is for editor use only. Not for fetching data.

Get a local export of the desired area using download.geofabrik.de and process this data.