extract borders of states


Is there any possibility to extract the borders or landmass-polygons of states or continents, whithout any roads, houses, postboxes etc. ?



I think you can try this: https://osm-boundaries.com/
And have a look at https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Boundaries to understand how boundaries are managed in OSM.

Thanks for the answer. I tried, but it doesnt work correctly. https://ibb.co/3Wvjg9x

Is it possible to transform a downloaded osm “relation” to .ai, .ps, .max .png .svg or any other common image format? or export it with Josm?

Tell us first in detail what steps you did to produce that image.

Maybe we can find the errorr, er recommend another workflow.

Choosed Germany from the list on osm boundarys. Nice detailed Border, exactly what i´m looking for.
Downloaded it.
Drag and dropped to qgis. Tried several times with different settings and countries, nothing works, it simplifies too much.

Another workflow would be really great.:wink:

Tell us about your aim first.

What do you want to have as a result?

Printed map on paper only with boundaries? Or vector graphic as SVG? from Germany? Bavaria? Europe?

Alternative downloads maybe suitable from https://www.naturalearthdata.com/ ?

Hi stephan75

My aim is to have exact outlines of the states of the world for different printing purposes. The natural earth data are a bit clunky.
I cant remember what i or the program did back then, but i tried again choosing geojson, SRID 4326, Land only, unzipped and drag&dropped into qgis (in case someone needs it too) and it works just fine right away.
Many thanks for that!