Extracción de datos de mapas públicos (principiante)


Quiero extraer información de un par de mapas del gobierno mexicano que no tienen herramientas transparentes para reutilizar la información.

Mi principal problema es que la capa que busco es una mancha. Es decir, no es un punto específico con geolocalización sino una mancha de cobertura (https://altanredes.com/mapas/mapa.html y https://www.redcompartida.igg.unam.mx/geoportal/home). Aunque tienen una herramienta para visualizar búsquedas, no la tienen para descargar ningún tipo de información.

Lo que busco es replicar dicha capa con la “mancha” de cobertura.
¿Alguien sabe cómo hacerlo? ¿Podrían guiarme?

Gracias desde México.

The first thing you need to do before copying many map into OpenStreetMap is check the licence. If importing data the import guidelines need to be followed. I know this is boring, but the data needs to be acceptable for worldwide use without legal issues.

If you have a map layer that is just images, you normally need to find a way to add that imagery to the editor you are using as a background layer. The way to do this depends on the software you use and the way the map images are served, the most common formats are probably WMS and TMS.

I’ve been trying several ways. If I manage, I’ll post how.

WMS with authkey and epsg:3857

It is a wms that shows the coverage of 4.5G networks

I could extract several PNGs of the map but had to assemble them manually. As I shared, Im completely new with OSM and mapping in general.

Could you help me with topics or guidelines for me to investigate how to extract and use the WMS and TMS in the correct way?