Extending a street with a GPS trace

I have uploaded a gps trace I recorded when driving up a street in Menifee, California USA. The trace shows that a particular street (Menifee Road) has been extended so that a gap in the road has now been connected. I have figured out how to add new roads, but found nothing about how to incorporate gps traces showing new portions that have been added to existing roads. Any help that could be provided would be greatly appreciated. Here is the the trace in question.

I assume you are using the iD editor from OSM main website … (there are also other OSM editors, see OSM wiki)

simply extend the existing road at its end point by choosing the last node of the old way, and start drawing a new way by a simple line.

After that, select both ways via shift key, and choose the combining feature … the result should be an extension of the old way.


Sorry I haven’t had a chance to reply or edit the map. Is there a tutorial that describes in more newbie friendly terms what to do? I’m afraid I’m a bit unsure how to do what you describe. thanks in advance.

Thanks for the help, I ended up just loading the track in potlatch and manually tracing in the new way.

Looks good for your first edit. Menifee Road has a no_exit=yes tag on the north most node of the road before you extended it. Is this still true? If not, then you might want to edit that area again and remove the no exit tagging from that node.

Hello Vontux,

maybe you can get some hints at http://learnosm.org … or at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/ID/Shortcuts