Express lanes tagging

We can continue using the same combination of tags. Would having this forum topic and the wiki page be sufficient to support our edits? Our goal is to ensure that our edits are not reverted in the future.

Thank you!

For the benefit of anyone who is confused about who “we” is here (as I was): Mapup

Hi everyone,
We have created an OSM wiki page for tagging express lanes. You can view it here: Express Lanes Mapping - MapUp.

Kindly review the page, and if everyone agrees, we will start editing today.

Thank you for your support and feedback.

Please link the page on the related users profile.

Since this organized editing campaign is focused on the U.S., and the tagging questions are pretty much specific to the U.S. too, could a moderator move this topic to United States for greater visibility among the local community? Thanks!

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Hi everyone,
I have a question regarding handling warnings while making changes using JOSM. According to the JOSM help page, it is suggested to ignore warnings if you have not touched the affected node or way. Help/Preferences/Validator – JOSM.