Exporting very large maps: Europe

I want to print out a large map of Europe in DIN A2. But my problem is, that OSM doesn’t render such large maps.
I also tried http://alex.zeitform.de/cgi-bin/map.pl, but then it shows “Error. Map too large”
No other site I tried did work for me.

Has anyone some tips for me? Or maybe a prerendered OSM-Europe-Map (My search wasn’t successful).


please have a look at http://help.openstreetmap.org and search for words and tags like map, print, big, large or similar.

There are indeed some solutions for your problem!

Tell us about success or failure here …

Bigmap worked very well for me.
Thanks for the tip. I didn’t know help.openstreetmap.org before.

I uploaded the created map to my server: Rightklick → save as (76MB) 11776x6912 px
Who want’s, can download it.

Edit: Build a little page for hosting such pics: bigmap-ready.de.vu
You may will also find other maps there.
And maybe the author of Bigmap wants to copy my maps to his download section like his own maps.

If i understood you right, try this out - save the map you want to print on your pc, and with thisbanner software split it up to smaller pieces and print on multiple sheets.

But you should prepare, that it will not be so comfortable, as if you have used just a big printer, lol