Exporting map

Hello All,

Any one can help me on how to export a map of a specific city or area but I don’t want it to be Squared, I just need the specific area.

Thanks in Advance.

It depends on the size, could you show which one do you mean?

For smaller you can use export from the OSM.org website:


If it’s a big one and quite popular, you can use extracts:


If it’s a big one but not yet prepared, you can use specialized services:


I think he wants the map clipped to the administrative boundary, rather than the bounding box. That would depend on an administrative boundary being known to OSM. I don’t think this will clip ways to the exact boundary.

It is not clear whether he really wants the map, in which case I have a feeling that overpass can be made to do this, and I think it was covered in the last month, here, or whether he wants a rendered bit map or alternative vector format, in which case I think he needs third party tools.

I’m not sure if overpass will truncate them short, include as far as the next construction node, or include the whole way.