Exporting embeddable HTML with all POI's

Hi, I’m new to this project. I’ve successfully embedded a map of my city on my website, however, none of the POI’s appear on this map. Is there an easy way to make them all appear?

It’s not possible or it’s so obvious no one wants to reply? Heh, sorry if it’s the latter- I’m trying to bone up on the whole OSM project but there’s a lot to learn. If anybody knows the answer to my question, I’d really appreciate it! Thanks.

Hi, welcome to OSM! POIs such as restaurants won’t appear until the map is shown at a minimum zoom level. However, some POIs will never show because the default map rendering (Mapnik) chooses neatness over showing POIs; POIs won’t render if the text overlaps each other or another important feature.

The only way to get such a rendering is to create your own map tile server where you can change the stylesheet to meet your needs. For example, http://www.weait.com/content/build-your-own-openstreetmap-server . I’m in the long process of doing this to get higher zoom levels for a small area, plus default rendering for shop=* and amenity=* which would otherwise not be shown.

If you’re embedding on your own website, have a look at openlayers. This lets you take a file of POIs (say) and overlay them over a Mapnik (say) background.