Exporting Data from Different Scale Visibilities

I am currently trying to make a map that shows all of the cyclist routes in the state of Wisconsin. I am not sure how I would go about getting all of the data from different visibility scales to all show at the state-scale. Also, is there anyway I could just use the shapefile as long as I accredit OSM?

There is no scale information associated with the data. Scale based rendering decisions are made by renderers.

You would typically use tools like overpass to extract themed data, although I have not used them sufficiently to be able to give a good market survey.

Generally, if your maps can only really be treated as images, you just need to include the attribution that appears at the bottom right corner of rendered map provided on the opoenstreetmap web site.

If your published maps could reasonably be used to create a new vector map (I would argue that SVG and PDF a getting a bit close to the border), you need to license the map and any value added information under Open Database LIcence.