Export UTM/WGS84 map


I’ve started to work a free add-on for a flightsim.

Is it possible to see or save UTM/WGS84 map images or datas form OSM?
Is it any way to convert the OSM map datas or save in vectorgraphical format?
What I need is roads, rivers, etc in mercator system, something like an aviation map, but free (open).



It depends on what you want. If it is just 2D images that you want to import then you can use Mapnik with that: just configure the correct projection (a quick Google seach on ‘utm format’ gives me quite a lot of potential good links).

If it’s a 3D landscape that you’re after then you can import raw OSM data into your flightsim. De OSM data is exported once a week as a planet dump.

I need only 2d images for a “background image” to manipulate the textures, painting roads, etc.
I have to learn Mapnik.

Thanks for your answer!

I downloaded an shp.zip from the OSM database and opened it with QGIS. As i know an shp file can save in different coordinate system, and the downloaded one is in WGS84.
One step closer. :slight_smile:

But, what i downloaded is include only the 30% of the datas what i can see on the OSM webpage with my browser.
Need i download the planet-latest.osm (5.2GB) or is there any other way to get the latest datas for a small area?
For example Europe-latest.osm and Country-latest.osm?

I tried Geofabrik.de for Europe but i only find a shape file for my country (4.3mb) with todays date - that is only 30%

Shapefiles are just excerpts. All the data (except coastlines) are included in country files in osm format. But if you would like to render starting from osm xml format you will need to learn quite a lot more. Good start is to import osm data first into PostGIS with osm2pgsql utility. Then you can use Mapnik and nik2img.py utility for reprojecting and rendering. There are documents about how to do it but it is not extra easy. At least it was not for me, but I have extra trouble because I am using only Windows. One alternative is to use MapServer instead. There are instructions at http://trac.osgeo.org/mapserver/wiki/RenderingOsmData